Cell Lines for Biological Studies and Drug Screening

Crown Bioscience has developed several stable cell lines for drug discovery and development that cover important targets or pathways in oncology.

List of currently available cell lines:

ALK Kinase Fusion Screening

Our Kinase-Live cell lines are stable Ba/F3 clones expressing exogenous EML4-ALK fusion variants, including wild type and L1196M, F1174L and C1156Y mutations. They are ideal for cell-based screening of potential ALK inhibitors that can overcome Crizotinib resistance.


Product Name Catalog # Species
Ba/F3 EML4-ALK Cell Line C2000 Mouse
Ba/F3 EML4-ALK L1196M Cell Line C2001 Mouse
Ba/F3 EML4-ALK F1174L Cell Line C2002 Mouse
Ba/F3 EML4-ALK C1156Y Cell Line C2003 Mouse

Kinase Live characterization data

Kinase Live characterization data
Characterization of EML4-ALK fusion protein expression in different Ba/F3 stable clones by Western blot. Protein lysates from NCI-H2228 cells harboring EML4-ALK fusion, and KARPAS-299 cells harboring NPM1-ALK fusion, were compared side by side in the same blot. Parental Ba/F3 cell extract was used as negative control.

PD-1 and PD-L1 Recombinant Cell Lines

We also offer several recombinant cell lines for screening of PD-1 and PD-L1 antibody drugs and inhibitors. Our HEK 293T cells stably express exogenous human PD-1 or PD-L1.

PD1 and PD-L1 Recombinant Cell Lines

Product Name Catalog # Species
293T PD-1 Cell Line C2004 Human
293T PD-L1 Cell Line C2005 Human

PD-1 Cell Line Data

PD-1 data
FACS analysis of cell surface PD-1 expression by an anti-hPD-1 antibody and isotype control antibody.

PD-L1 Cell Line Data

PD-L1 data
FACS analysis of cell surface PD-L1 expression by an anti-hPD-L1 antibody and isotype control antibody.

Wnt Pathway Reporter Cell Line

Our 293T Wnt Luciferase Cell Line provides a convenient tool for screening of inhibitors or activators of Wnt signaling pathway, which is frequently activated abnormally in many human cancers. It is a HEK 293T cell clone stably integrated with Wnt reporter expression cassette with the firefly luciferase gene under the control of promoter containing 14 TCF-binding sites. The Wnt reporter expression is robustly induced by exogenous Wnt stimulation, which can be easily measured by the luciferase activity.

Pathway Reporter

Product Name Catalog Species
293T Wnt Luciferase Cell Line C2006 Human

Wnt Luciferase data

Wnt Luciferase data
293T/TOPLUC cells seeded in 96-well plate were stimulated with soluble Wnt3a and R-spondin 2 in the absence and presence of Wnt inhibitory protein LGR5-Fc or DKK1 for 20h, followed by luciferase activity measurement.


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